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It Is Safe To Tell

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - As a way to help prevent dangerous incidents from happening at a school, District 51 has an application students can use to as a way speak up, when they're concerned.

In the Grand Valley, 181 tips have been sent to local dispatchers since March using a statewide application to make their voices heard.

"It's just more people feeling comfortable coming forward and that they're getting some resolution and getting some help that they truly need," said Public Information Officer for District 51, Emily Shockley.

Safe 2 Tell allows users to send anonymous complaints in a way that keeps them safe --simply click on your city and select the school the incident occurred in.

"Maybe they don't have to feel the pressure to go to the counseling office and tell them directly"

And it's not just for bullying, the application provides a list of options to choose from --select on the complaint and then submit anonymously your concerns.

"Safe 2 Tell reports can be bullying, suicidal ideation, threats, abuse, dating violence."

If the situation has improved or worsened, you can update your tip or add details. Students are not the only ones encouraged to use the app.

"You're in kindergarten, it doesn't matter if you're in 12th grade, just anywhere along the spectrum."

If you don't want to type it in, you can call their free anonymous hotline available 24/7.

"You don't have to look up what's the school's e-mail address, or who's the secretary here or who's the counselor over there."

And what happens after you send it in?

"It goes to a dispatch center in Pueblo that send it over to us, in Mesa County and law enforcement will be notified and the principal at the school that's involved will be notified and all also our safety and security team."

A list of resources is also provided for further help to those who are struggling or wish to get details on more issues.

If you or know of anyone else that may be being bullied or going through depression, encourage them to download the app Safe 2 Tell or call the hotline number (877)-542-7233.

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