GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Gather your Palisade peaches and bake some delicious peach pie for National Peach Pie Day!  Even though the peach festival has come to an end, peach harvest is in full swing.   

What comes to mind when you think of the ripe, delicious peaches? Most likely, a yellow peach springs to mind, but did you know there are really two major hues of peaches? The two dominant hues are yellow and white.

Yellow peaches are sweeter and have a light acidity, whereas white peaches are rather sweeter due to their low acidity.

Since they are softer and do not hold up as well when backed, white peaches are typically not utilized in cooking. If you forget about your peaches and they are no longer perfectly ripe, cooking and baking with them can save the day. Yellow peaches can be savored by just eating them and letting the juice trickle down your chin when they are peeled.

When a little sugar and spices are added, the luscious juices of the peaches burst to life. The fruit retains its syrupy flavor when baked for nearly an hour in a flaky crust. For a delicious reminder that summer is still going, add vanilla ice cream.