January is National Blood Donor Month

Local News

The blood center at St. Mary’s is the sole blood supply center for the entire Western Slope. Fewer blood donations happen over the holidays, but hospitals have the same demand for life-saving transfusions.

St. Mary Officials stress the need to increase supply to ensure there’s enough for those who need help.

“It’s very easy,” Jennifer Rhamy says, “We’re gonna ask you questions, we’re gonna make sure that you’re in good health, we’re not gonna take blood from you unless you’ve got enough to give it to us, and so we’re gonna take the appropriate steps to make sure it’s a very good experience for you.”

The average person can donate up to six times a year saving three lives with their pints. Donating blood is being described as the most important thirty-minute meeting you can have.

Doug Clayton: “It’s really the first line of life-saving. I mean, people have any kind of accident or surgery, they need to have blood and the folks that are healthy who can give blood, it’s the only outlet for that, really.”

You can sign up to donate blood 6 days a week but by appointment only.

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