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Jared Polis Visits Grand Junction

As the Colorado Governor Race picks up steam, both candidates are hoping the Western Slope will vote for them. One candidate paid a visit to Mesa County  to explain why he thinks he's the right choice - for not only the state, but the Western Slope.

Jared Polis has been very busy, visiting cities and town across Colorado to layout his platform and try and encourage voters to lean left. His most recent stop was Grand Junction, where Polis responded to to criticism from his opponent, Walker Stapleton, that his policies would hurt the Western Slope, by saying his ideas would help all of Colorado.

After making multiple stops in Grand Junction, Jared Polis finally arrived in Grand Junction to thunderous applause. A large crowd had gathered at Main Street Bagels to listen to the democratic nominee for governor speak, and to share their concerns and hopes for the Western Slope. 

One resident brought up mental illness. "We have so many people who are homeless and have mental issues," she said. "They need housing, to help them."

Polis covered topics such as renewable energy and immigration.

"I'm excited about the opportunity for growth in renewable energy jobs. It helps to diversify our economy and our jobs here in Mesa County."

All underlining what he says he wants to do to improve the lives of those in Mesa County.

"We're really focused on building an economy that works for our entire state," he said. "I'm observing the quality of life here in Western Colorado. We want to save you money on proscription drugs, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to send your kids to preschool and kindergarten if you cant have them at home during those years. And we want to make sure we are innovative right here in Colorado... and really make sure Western Colorado residents don't only get by, but can thrive in this changing 21st century economy." 

And although he was busy visiting various cities during his campaign road trip, he made sure there were ample opportunities to get to know his supporters, and add some new ones.

Polis will return to Grand Junction on October 6th as he debates Republican nominee Walker Stapleton at CMU.

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