GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Wood’s family is an ordinary one. Wendi works as a pastor, while Jerry works as a software engineer. Jerry, unfortunately, found himself in the middle of a legal firestorm thanks to his I.T. experience.

Following the 2020 election, Jerry and his wife Wendi joined a group of citizens who’s mission was to analyze the election results. That group led them to Tina Peters. Jerry had only really met Peters in passing, until Sherrona Bishop formally introduced them. Peters then recruited Wood for help with Mesa County’s election software. After passing a background check, Peters approved Wood to consult, and issued him a Mesa County ID badge. Then something strange happened…

When asked if someone kept the badge, and who it was–Jerry stated it was “Tina’s office. Technically I handed it into her deputy clerk Belinda, but I assume Belinda was doing that by Tina’s direction.”

Former professional surfer Conan Hayes–who worked with former President Donald Trump’s legal team to challenge election results–admitted to New York Times investigative reporters he was the man who accessed Mesa County’s election equipment. Hayes Facetimed his boss–former Overstock executive Patrick Byrne–saying a county official invited him to make backup copies of machines. Byrne told New York Times reporters Hayes did this while wearing someone else’s ID badge.

It was these events that led the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department and the Mesa County District Attorney to knock on the Wood’s door unannounced.

Three months following the Mesa County investigation, the FBI also searched and seized property beloning to the Wood family.

“We’re still waiting to have all of that resolved. We’re told maybe in 3-5 years” Jerry states.

Jerry, though, feels as though his role in Peters’ alleged election equipment tampering was part of a bigger plan. The Wood’s have also been on the receiving end of attacks; including hate mail and threats sent to their house and church.

Jerry has witnessed his name all around the nation, with allegations stating he was “a leader in Q-Anon to I was a Dominon employee.” He even earned the nickname “Judas Jerry” by colleagues and peers he once considered friends. This unfortunate situation has not only been hard on Jerry and Wendi, but on their kids as well.

“They were really wondering what was gonna happen, if we were gonna lose our home, you know I’d lose my job, they didn’t know if I was goona go to prison, they didn’t know what was gonna happen. We’ve had to have some hard conversations with them and encourage them to hang on. Wendi encourages them to trust me and not lose faith” says Jerry.

Up until recently, Wood has remained silent; until Peters appeared on a litany of talk shows claiming Wood perjured himself when told to testify before a grand jury. Wood remains steady though, saying all of these allegations against him are absolutely untrue.

One thing the Wood’s have taken from this entire ordeal is the importance of knowing the difference between rumors, conspiracies, and the truth.