The job market is changing rapidly and Strive is actively striving to close the opportunity gap. Strive has a 36-year track record of serving people that face the greatest obstacles with employment. The workforce model strive uses has gained national recognition for its high job placement and retention.
“We are at the beginning of really opening things back up and getting things going and the problem we are running into is that we need people to come in and work for us,” Vice President of Strive, Douglas Sorter said.

Through the job opportunities strive provides to local businesses like Uniquely Yours retail, Western Colorado botanical gardens, and Alida’s fruit, strive is seeking applicants to equip them with the skills they need to not just get a job, but to obtain employment with career growth opportunities.
“Making a career at Strive, we have such great upward mobility in our organization. Tt’s right here local only in Mesa County,” Sorter said, “We raise and grow our own leaders. if you got the attitude, and desire and you got the effort you will find the place to move up in this organization. We are always looking for leaders and the next step and their is plenty of places for you to go.”

Strive is here to provide the personalized care individuals need as they strive to provide person-centered services to all applicants that want to be independent and take greater control of their lives.
“I like working for strive mainly because you are helping other people and you are also helping the community together as one,” Strive employee, Jose Chacon said.