JUCO fans are excited to be back

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The JUCO World Series has been around for 63 years, with last year being the first time in over half a century the tournament was not held. This year, fans are more excited than ever to be back in Suplizio’s seats to watch America’s favorite pastime.

But fans aren’t the only ones happy to see the tournament come back, KC’s Kettle Corn is a vendor at the games, and looks forward to seeing all of the fans flood the stadium every year. “It’s a great experience because you have a lot of people from all across the United States coming in here,” says Kelly Cowan, who works at the food stand.

The excitement from the stands can be heard from blocks away, as friends and family cheer for their favorite teams. “JUCO not only has first-time family members and players coming to watch the games, but it has some spectators coming back for over twenty years because they love the game that much,” says reporter Reilly Spence.

Two fans attending the game say they have been coming to the tournament for over twenty years, with each having unique reasons for returning year after year. “It reminds me, I used to watch my uncles play baseball, American Legion, things like that. They had all their double elimination tournaments, so it brings back those kind of memories,” explains Brian Sparks, a long-time JUCO fan.

After not being able to hold the tournament in 2020, you can almost feel the excitement in the air as the players step on to the field for the first time. It is the dedication of fans, community members, vendors, and baseball lovers alike that make JUCO what it is every year.

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