K2 Taxi Precautions Use The Power Of Ultraviolet Light To Keep You Safe

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A lot’s changed for K2 Taxi during COVID-19, in a good way. Co-owner of K2 Taxi, Ryan Kohlman says, ” Our customers have got a lot more reliable, and we’ve just had to work a lot harder to keep providing the same level of service we always have.”

The cancel rate has dropped from 15% down to 1% during eased restrictions and the family owned all electric taxi service is taking precautions. Tanya Orpi has been a K2 driver for 3 years, and she’s a mom. When asked if she feels safe transporting people with possible cases of COVID-19, Tanya says, ” I feel very secure in the fact that my business owner makes the proper measures.”

Ryan is taking many measures including disinfecting the cabs, before, during, and after passengers, and every driver has to wear masks and gloves all day. “The odds of any of our people getting infected are next to none because we’re all masked, we’re all gloved constantly, and our vehicles are cleaned to a very high standard, daily,” says Kohlman.

The cars are disinfected top to bottom and the drivers job is safety, but the passengers just have three rules, and none of them have the word mask. “As long as no one engages in conduct which is dangerous, disorderly, or illegal, we have to provide them service,” says Kohlman.

The passengers may not have to wear masks and gloves, but Ryan has a secret weapon he’s using to destroy COVID-19 if the virus tries to share a ride, and that weapon is ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ryan says, “We’re running the bulbs between three and five minutes right now. We wanna expose as much as possible. New York City subways are installing these same lights. So, if whoever’s running the subways in New York thinks it’s a good idea, I must be on to something.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) said it will use a (UV) light pilot program proven to kill COVID-19, for subways, buses, and other New York City Transit facilities throughout the system, starting on May 25; but K2 Taxi is using the same technology right now.

Pricing for K2 Taxi starts at $4 for the first mile, $2.50 for each additional mile, and $1 for each additional passenger. If you need a K2 Taxi, call 970 242-4652, or whistle if you see one! Masks and gloves are not required for passengers.

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