Killing Weeds Without Chemicals or Fire

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Isn’t it ironic, that what can give weeds lift, can also take it away. 
“You’re taking water that I’m going water my plant, but I’m taking water and I’m killing the weeds,” said John Hager, owner of Rocky Mountain “Steam N’ Weed.”
Hager uses a machine that heats water up to 245 degrees, and sprays it on weeds, which then kills them, organically. 
“You explode the cells in that weed it can’t breathe, it can’t do anything but die,” said Hager. 
Since the machine only uses water, he says it’s better for the environment. 
“Chemicals kill bees and were having an issue with bees right now,” said Hager. “The wind blowing and everything we have the last month, I can still go out and work you cannot do that with chemicals.”
This option also provides an alternative to burning weeds. 
“A lot of people will take a torch a hand torch and burn their weeds, it’s not safe, it’s far from being safe,” said Hager. 
If you’re interested in contacting Rocky Mountain “Steam N’ Weed” email them at or call 970-433-7638. 

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