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Kokopelli River Front Trail Is Complete

FRUITA, Colo. - The Grand Valley is a prime destination for outdoor recreation.  Now one of the more popular trails is growing and the city near it is hoping to reap the benefits. 
Fruita celebrated the completion of the Kokopelli River Front Trail with a celebration in downtown Fruita after bicyclists were able to ride the completed path. 
“You get to see parts of the area you wouldn’t otherwise see, you get out past 32 Road, you’d never see that in a car,” says John Hodge, a local bicyclist. 
“It connects to some businesses area that we are trying attract new businesses we have some existing businesses that are expanding in that location,” says Mike Bennett, City Manager of Fruita. 
The 4.5 mile trail which connects Fruita to the Kokopelli Trail System also has a safety benefit. 
“You’re not going to ride your bike down Highway 50, there is no shoulder, it’s just not safe,” says Adam Wattis, a local bicyclist. 

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