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La Villa Hosts Carnival for Alzheimer's Research

Grand Junction, CO - Alzheimer's is a debilitating disease that attacks the memory and motor functions of thousands across the nation, and to raise money towards research La Villa hosted their own carnival.

The carnival featured activities such as a pie throwing contest, ring toss, pool dunk, and sweet treats.

All donations will directly benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

The carnival was also used as a way to spread the word about the Walk to End Alzheimer's which is their biggest fundraiser for the year.

Currently, they've raised more than $30,000 which makes up nearly half of their goal for this year.

"We have a lot of residents here that are battling their own dementia and symptoms of Alzheimer's", says Lisa Smith the Admissions & Marketing Director for La Villa Grande Care Center.

"We fundraise with all the care centers in town and with all the teams. There are individuals who start teams, as well, who join us at the walk on September 22nd at Long's Park", says Tonja Kueper-Rinaldo the Development Director for Western Colorado at the Alzheimer's Association. 

To find out more about the Walk to End Alzheimer's click here.

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