Labor Day: The 3rd Deadliest Holiday for Drivers

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and while many people are spending the long weekend having fun with friends and family, Colorado Police Officers are on the roads trying to keep you safe.

According to auto insurance experts, Labor Day is the third deadliest holiday for drivers, and the weekend sees an average of 443 fatal car accidents each year from coast to coast. In 2020 so far Mesa County has had 6 fatal car accidents, and with Labor Day weekend quickly approaching Colorado police are on high alert since they say many people are likely to drink and drive this weekend.

Matt Ozanic, Colorado State Patrol, says this weekend the force will have extra DUI patrols as well as other enforcement since there are more impaired drivers. He says that officers will be looking out for dangerous driving behavior, such as weaving out of your lane, driving in the wrong lane, and sometimes, driving on the wrong way of the interstate.

State troopers expect a heavy travel flow this weekend, and in response, I-70 will be a huge focus for law enforcement since the highway is one of the leading areas of crashes in Mesa County.

Ozanic stresses that if you drink this weekend, that you do not drive, or instead, you have a designated sober driver. But if you do drink and do not have a sober driver, calling an Uber or Lyft is a smart decision. And while police officers will be closely watching the roads, you can help keep others safe as well. If you see dangerous driving behavior, you can call *CSP and a trooper will head your way.

Still, there are people who are choosing to stay home this holiday. One local says she will mainly social distance and probably have a game night.

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