GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) – Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and for many people that means firing up the grill, going camping, or going down the river.

Although spending time outdoors with friends and family during this long weekend can be fun, safety should still be the top consideration.

The Grand Junction Fire Department told KREX some safety tips for staying safe this holiday weekend.

  1. If you are firing up that grill for those juicy hamburgers and hotdogs, make sure it is far enough from your house and bushes or anything that could catch on fire easily.
  2. The same goes for a campfire but make sure it is fully out when you leave, and that you have a water source nearby.

According to GJFD one of the biggest things you can do this weekend is to set a good example. With the weekend and family gatherings coming up it is important to model safe fire behavior for kids. That means with your barbeque grills, campfires, and with outdoor fires at your house.

Safety this weekend is not limited to fires. If you are on the river, make sure you have a life jacket, and it is strapped correctly.