Landfill Operation Costs Decrease

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The Mesa County Landfill has recently gone through a financial change to better their operations, and the change has helped to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In January of last year, the Mesa County Landfill decided to only hire their own employees rather than using outside contractors.
In doing so, the cost to operate the landfill has dropped significantly, in fact, by more than $900,000.
County officials said the saved funds are going towards finding a new landfill site, as well as being able to maintain the current site.
“We are actually more efficient than we were before and as time goes by and we produce in-house we’ll become more and more efficient. We’ll find ways to have more direct impact on the landfill itself, and that’s crucial,” said Barrett Jensen, Solid Waste Manager at the Mesa County Landfill.
Jensen also said they plan on using the saved money to hire more workers in the future, and buy more efficient machines for the landfill.

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