GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Federal Judge Kathryn A. Starnella denied Lauren Boebert’s initial attempt to avoid discovery in a defamation lawsuit filed against her by David B. Wheeler. Wheeler, head of the American Muckrakers, filed a lawsuit in June, saying Boebert had badmouthed him on national TV. Wheeler and the Muckrakers accused Boebert of having two abortions, smoking illegal drugs, and working as an escort on

Boebert wanted the case dismissed, claiming she had the right to defend herself against the allegations. If the case goes to a discovery, muckrakers will have the option to subpoena her for documents, emails, and texts that could potentially reveal more damaging information.

Delta County Commissioner Don Suppes announced on Tuesday he’ll support Grand Junction attorney Jeff Hurd over Boebert in the Republican congressional race for District 3. Suppes told that Boebert’s neglect of vital water and energy issues played a part, but her show-stopping antics at the Buell Theatre in Denver sealed his decision. Boebert was kicked out of the theatre for vaping, being loud, and groping her date. Mesa County Commissioners Cody Davis and Bobbie Daniel also announced they’ll endorse Hurd over Boebert.

Boebert won the 2022 midterm over Adam Frisch by only 546 votes.