Law enforcement encourages residents to drive safely through school zones

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — It’s a busy time of the year, and ensuring kids get to school safely is a top priority for everyone.

An alarming new report released by Colorado State Patrol shows crashes are three times more likely in school zones during drop-off and pick-up.

Joshua Lewis, with Colorado State Patrol, says “it’s the same causal factors we’ve been dealing with, it’s still the speed. It’s still the distracted driving. Ultimately, we’re trying to get people to realize it’s ok to take a little more time and have some patience, especially in and around school zones.”

School zones on the Western Slope are equipped with signs and lights to warn drivers to drive safely.

Tim Leon, with School District 51, says, “just slowing down in the school zone. We have those lights that come on and it’s just people in a hurry, they’ve got to get their kid to school, they’ve got to get to work, just really focus in that school zone.”

Local law enforcement works with those in the community by sending out alerts that will help prepare your commute.

Leon added, “we really work with parents. We try and send out notifications that school hours start at this time and saying be aware of the flashing yellow lights, school crossing zones.”

Lewis added, “we want to educate folks. We want people to be aware, not be laxed about their driving in and around school zones.”

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