Law Enforcement Warns Of Dangers Of “Puffing”

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Puffing is a term used for starting your vehicle and leaving it unattended.

During the cold weather season it’s common for people to want to avoid the cold while their vehicles warm up.

Colorado State Patrol says puffing is not only against the law, but may result in criminals stealing vehicles while they are running and unattended.

“It’s very easy to spot a vehicle that is puffing. A lot of the time the auto lights are on and the muffler exhaust is coming out, so a lot of times these are just crimes of opportunity,” said Colorado State Patrol Trooper Lucas Johnson. 

If vehicle owners want a warmed up car, all hope isn’t lost. Drivers are encouraged to use key fobs or auto start devices, but still take extra security measures like placing a club in the steering wheel.

CSP says to avoid puffing, wake up earlier, if you have to brush your car off, do it while its running, or sit inside your vehicle to make sure no one steals it.

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