GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Two Mesa County Residents filed a suit claiming that Mesa County voting machines “systematically delete records.” Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis says those claims have been disproven.

Barbara Crossman and Brian Fenwick named Designated Election Official Brandi Bants and all three Mesa County Commissioners in the suit.

If the claims were true then Mesa County would be violating Colorado law 1-7-802 which states elections officials are required to hold on to any elections records for at least 25 months.

“They said there is a systematic deletion of records within the system, which has been disproven,” said Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis. But even if their claims were true, “we have paper ballots to confirm the vote,” said Commissioner Davis.

The suit wants Mesa County to be required to count votes by hand in the 2022 mid-term election.

“We have voter-verified paper ballots. You don’t vote electronically in Mesa County. You have a paper ballot which you vote on, it’s just tabulated electronically,” said Commissioner Davis. He also noted that Mesa County is able to take a sample of paper ballots, to make sure the machines are counting correctly.

“This idea that we need to get rid of the machines is moot, it’s bogus,” said Commissioner Davis.