Lester Jones’ June 2007 Phone Calls Questioned

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Testimony shows in the month leading up to Paige Birgfeld’s death, Lester Jones, the man accused of her murder, placed more than 50 phone calls to known prostitutes and massage parlors, some of which advertised “adult services” and escort services like Models Inc., which was owned by Birgfeld.

Prosecution witness and Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Cell Phone Record Investigator, Lisa Norcross was questioned by both legal teams.

Prosecutors list two phones that belong to Jones: his personal cell, which made the aforementioned calls and a Walmart TracFone they claim Jones had purchased.

On June 28th, 2007, the suspected day of Birgfeld’s disappearance, the only outgoing call from the TracFone was to Models Inc.
Jones’ defense hopes to persuade the jury that whoever killed Birgfeld had an obsession with her — and that Jones personal phone records don’t reflect that.

This is the exchange between Defense Attorney Steve Colvin and Norcross:

Colvin: There’s a pattern of Mr. Jones contacting prostitutes or adult escort [services]. That pattern were seeing it pretty clearly at this point right?

Norcross: Yessir.

Colvin: And you certainly saw it during the course of your investigation, correct?

Norcross: Yessir.

Colvin: It is equally obvious that he called other people more than he called models inc would you agree?

Norcross: Yessir.

Testimony revealed the vast majority of calls that Jones made to prostitutes, escort services, or massage parlors went to one prostitute, Crystal Tabor.

Throughout the month, Jones called Models Inc. eight times.

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