Senior citizens have witnessed a lifetime of stories, and for those in the care of Nightingale’s Home Care, they now have a way to share those stories, in a new unique way. 
“Over the years, individuals have told us lots of wonderful stories,” said Janet Walker of Nightingale’s Home Care.  
So once the caregivers started hearing these stories, they started writing them down.  “Sometimes individuals will not go ahead and tell family members, as much and sometimes they will tell us more,” said Walker.
So the Life Story Program was created as a way to help patients feel more productive. 
“So many times individuals then get to 80 and 90 and their world shrinks and they don’t have the exciting lives that you and I have,” said Walker. 
Like any great book, once those pages are filled, a film maker can come in and turns those stories into a movie. 
Having those memories in a written or digital form is something families can always cherish.  “I’ve lost both of my parents and my brother and I would give anything to have been able to have somebody written down their stories that they told people,” said Sandra Martinez of Nightingale’s. 
According to Martinez, without this program, some stories would go untold.  “They’d be forgotten, because some stuff just shouldn’t be,” said Martinez.
This program can bring stories from the past, to the present, for future enjoyment.  If interested in looking into assisted home care, you can contact Nightingale’s at 970-208-3985.  The Life Story Program is at no cost to anyone under Nightingale’s assistance.