GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — With Colorado’s spectacular mountain views and outdoor adventure, people flock here to hike, bike, climb, and more. But if you aren’t prepared, the trip can go sour fast.

58 fourteeners offer both challenges and major risk in Colorado. Longs peak, Capital peak, Lizard head, Sneffels, Maroon Bells, Peak 15, and Jagged Mountain are considered most dangerous.

There’s also Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a fiord with two and a half thousand feet tall walls.

Colorado search and rescue PIO Drew Hildner tells me even though it takes longer, it’s crucial to climb with ropes on difficult routes, in case a rock breaks or your foot slips.

Even experienced climbers and hikers wind up in trouble and put more than their own life in danger, for instance the rescuers’ lives.

Out in the wild, you can get dehydrated and disoriented quickly – always remember to take plenty of water.

Even if the trip you plan is only a simple day-hike, it’s important to carry enough to survive for longer than anticipated.

Hildner reminds us helicopters aren’t always an option. Most of the time, it will take just as long to get to you as it took you to get there.

No matter how long you plan to be out, remember to take food, water, extra layers, a knife, compass, map, and ropes if you take harder routes.

It’s a beautiful place to explore, but every ounce of precaution will help ensure you get home safe.