Lincoln Park-Moyer Pool was the first pool to open to the public in Grand Junction 100 years ago on June 8th.

Community Philanthropist William J Moyer and his wife, Ida Shantz Moyer built the pool for the community after a local teen drowned while swimming in the River. An act that is beautifully commemorated by a statue in Downtown Grand Junction. The Moyers donated $25,000 towards the pool but mandated the pool provide free swim says for local youth, a tradition that continues to this day.

Throughout its 100-year-history, thousands of Grand Valley Residents have enjoyed the Lincoln Park-Moyer Pool. It’s hosted at least 75,000 guests and several swim meets including the Western Zone Swimming Championships.

“A hundred years is a really really long time and what we see here behind us – this pool has had many changes over 100 years to look like this,” says Mayor Anna Stout to residents who attended the anniversary.

On average, 1,000 people take life-saving swimming lessons here every single summer. Moyer’s legacy to the community is a gift that keeps on giving.

“I like kicking my legs to swim in the water and dive,” says one event attendee.

As for today, Grand Junction Parks and Recreation rewarded winners of the Duck Race with free swimming lessons. Moyers hardly could have imagined back in 1922 his lifesaving legacy would continue in 2022 and beyond, The smell of sunscreen and children’s laughter filling the air and signaling the start of another great summer.