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Lincoln Park Stadium is undergoing major renovation for both Suplizio Field and Stocker Stadium to be completed by May 2022 just in time for JUCO and before the start of the fall football season, but the proposals have to go through city council before the project can break ground. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The junior college baseball world series,” said JUCO Director of Operations, Darren Coltrinari.

The series at Suplizio is watched by thousands, but it’s going to take millions to renovate it. A partnership with the city, JUCO, School District 51, and CMU will help pay for it because part of the plan is also renovating Stocker Stadium. Former CMU president, Tim Foster, says, “The university has offered to do is spend $200,000 a year, and still pay rent to use the stadiums.”

District 51 will pay $2.5 million along with CMU. JUCO will pay $300,000 each year with the city’s conservation trust fund funding the remaining amount. “JUCO is continuously giving this amount to help this facelift through 2044,” said Coltrinari.

The base project is nearly funded at $8 million which includes demolition, foundations, new grandstands, 4,000 new bleachers and all electrical, utilities, asphalt, and cables will be replaced and that’s just at Suplizio Field. Coltrinari says, “The budgets that were put together were pre COVID construction estimates on a high level scale, and at this point in the project we are really digging in to the details.”

Part of the $8 million project won’t just replace the bleachers in the nose bleed section, it’ll replace all the bleachers on the west side of Stocker Stadium. That way visitors can cheer on their teams in style, but until that happens you can always run bleachers. “There’s a process to it. We gotta be respectful of the process and the time involved. But, I think come JUCO 2022 there’s going to be a lot of wows taking place,” said Coltrinari.

All electrical, utilities, asphalt, electrical, cabling and audio/visual elements will also be replaced at the west side of Stoker Stadium, and the outfield at Suplizio Field. What started as an $8 million project is now a $10.5 million project because of inflation and new additions like a new locker room for Stocker Stadium.

Another city council meeting has been scheduled later in the week to discuss the project further.

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