GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “When it’s complete I think people are going to be very impressed and very excited.” says Parks and Recreation Director, Ken Sherbenou.

Sturdy Steel is the name of the sub-contractor building the new Grandstands at Suplizio Field and Stocker Stadium. It’s also the company that supplied hard to get, replacement steel to make sure the project meets its original due date.

Sherbenou stated, “One month after the incident, we were able to get replacement steel to fully keep us on schedule for the stadium renovation project.”

Initial estimations from the company had the steel arriving next week, pushing the timetable back and causing more worry about meeting the JUCO deadline. Fortunately, the steel arrived a week ahead of schedule.

“The biggest limitations really was the materials in terms of being able to keep that original schedule, and now that box has been checked.” Sherbenou mentioed.

To keep the promise of early May in time for JUCO, that means strenuous work hours for everyone.

Sherbenou uttered, “The sub-contractors are going to work longer hours. They are going to work weekends into the evening to be able to keep to the original schedule.”

With construction crews hitting this build out of the park, it looks like the project is back on schedule, and here’s the announcement everyone’s been waiting for.

“The great news is we will be able to have the renovations done is scheduled to be done in time for JUCO,” says Sherbenou.