Local Aircraft Receives National Register Listing

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A piece of WWII history that also appeared in a well known movie is the first in the state to be recognized for its engineering.

The Commemorative Air Force Rocky Mountain Wing celebrates the National Register Listing of one of their aircrafts–the TBM Avenger.

The aircraft that was officially listed in the National Register of History Colorado back in November is the first craft that’s ever been listed in the National Register in the state.

The aircraft is most significant for it’s WWII and military association and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

The plane, also known for its engineering,  is still able to fly and it also made an appearance in a Steven Spielberg movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

“It’s still working. It’s not a museum piece but as CAF maintains it, it’s working and it’s able to show the people how it’s affiliated with World War II,” said Erika Warzel, National and State Coordinator of History of Colorado.

Wing Leader Kent Taylor added, “We’re keeping the spirits and the memory of the greatest generation alive for current generations and future generations.”

The aircraft is located at 780 Heritage Way at the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

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