GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Bikes are in short supply nationally and especially in high demand here on the Western Slope. Empty bike racks on the wall of local bike shops doesn’t mean sales are hitting the brakes just yet.

Owners of “The Bike Shop” are doing their best to keep bikes stocked but understand many things are out of their control.

“It’s not just dependent on the ports being slow to unload containers or container space,” The Bike Shop’s Co-Owner Ash Jordan reveals, “The industry is slower because there are parts everywhere that aren’t being made at times due to COVID restrictions around the world. There’s a lot of parts to this puzzle.”

Bike shop owners also say customers should be proactive in their shopping.

“The bike shortage happening now makes current inventory at a first-come, first-ride basis,” Cora Dickey reports, “Whether you’re looking for a bike right now or for Christmas, it’s recommended that you come in as soon as possible.”

Ruby Canyon Cycles has several bikes in the shop and a year-long waiting list for ones on the way. Orders don’t get cancelled but people may have to be patient for certain bikes they want.

The shop is expecting multiple shipments in October to satisfy the continuous demand its customers have.

“A dad ordered a bike for his son last September for Christmas and I was able to deliver that this June, so that’s an example of how it can take a while,” Ruby Canyon Cycles Owner Ryan Cranston shares, “Anywhere else, we’re getting stuff within a few weeks. It just depends on what it is.”

As long as community support is alive, bike shops across the Grand Valley will provide products.

Christmas is less than three months away. As bikes continue being made and delivered, some bike shop owners predict inventory to be sold out in preorders before November ends.