Local business urges caution with credit cards

Local News

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A local business is left holding the bag after two men took over $3,000 worth of cigars.

The two men who walked away with $3,500 worth of cigars did not break in or sneak them out– they charged and called their credit card company to confirm the purchase right in front of the store owner.

One week later, that money was taken out of Rem’s Tobacco’s account even after being assured by direct connect credit card processing that the funds had been approved by the thieves bank.

After providing a copy of the signed receipt, Rem’s Tobacco also sent in surveillance video and filed a police report.

The local business was told there would not be any further investigation.

Rem’s warns other local businesses that thieves can fake their credit card fake their identification and all they need is a magnetic strip to secure a transaction.

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