Local businesses react to Governor Polis’ Jumpstart Incentive

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While Mesa County is still in its own hiring frenzy, Governor Polis’ incentive wants 1600 dollars to bring a jumpstart to job applications. In a waving banner of help wanted signs, Talon Wines wants help from people who will work hard and build towards the winery’s brand.

“We want you to come here, we want to welcome we want you to be a team member of ours,” James Ferguson asserts, “If that’s not enough, then it makes me question what kind of team member will you be. you know we want you to share the joy of wine because you have a passion for it because you love interacting with people not be because somebody from outside the business is paying to do that”

As for Kannah Creek Edgewater Brewery, Owner Jim Jeffryes is on board for the incentive. Right now, the two branches of his business open on a shorter schedule to give current staff a break.

With open positions for line cooks and serving staff, Jeffryes adds an personal incentive, raising the paying wage to fourteen dollars. Knowing new hires can be trained up to speed, he hopes whatever motivation brings people’s foot in the door.

“We’re paying a better wage right now, we’ve got plenty of work so it’s not like people are going to get bored,” Jim Jeffryes mentions, “I think we need to try something because right now we can’t find help. We’ve used social media; we’ve used all of the resources we have find help to take our jobs we have we have not found anybody right now.”

The jobs are open for these businesses along with many others. The Jumpstart Incentive goes until the end of June, but a constant paycheck adds up beyond a one-time bonus.

Resources like the Mesa County Workforce Center have an updated list of open jobs.

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