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It’s not really a question of should you play golf these days, it’s can you?

Yes, it seems one of the least impacted areas of sports on the Western Slope is on the greens. By taking away motorized carts, asking patrons to pay with their cards and adjusting pins, local courses have been able to maintain play. Golfers we spoke to were just glad to tee off.

“It’s just having fun out here, trying to do somethings. Trying to get out of the house cause of this whole Coronavirus.”

“It’s nice, I’ve been living out of a hotel for the past three weeks so anytime you get some fresh air it’s nice.”

“They’ve got things setup to where you don’t touch anything you don’t have to so life is good out here.”

Course officials say they’ll remain open until at least April 11th, that’s when they expect a new mandate to be issued. Until then, they hope the public can continue to see the course as a respite.

“You know helps them get out, get some fresh air kind of be like whew, get that release going, it’s good to get out and walk so yeah, I think that aspect has helped people.”

“So if you’d like to get outside, enjoy a little exercise, and have some fun, consider coming to one of the local golf courses, they’d be happy to have you, for KREX 5 news, I’m Mark Talley.”

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