Local Doctor Wants To Fight Coronavirus With Stem Cells

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Scott E. Faulkner, M.D. says the United States can fight the deadly effects of COVID-19 right now. Data acquired from a clinical study in Wuhan, shows that of seven patients with severe symptoms from the Coronavirus, all were cured when treated with umbilical cord derived stem cells.

Dr. Faulkner says treating patients here in the United States, is now a race against time. Or, maybe more appropriately, a race against FDA red tape. He is reaching out to state and federal law-makers in hopes to bypass the FDA’s strict research and testing timetables. He says treatments, like the ones used in the study are safe and effective. He points to the 20-years of stem cell use on leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma patients that has already been approved by the FDA. “Why not, if we have 20 years of safety, say ok, in this case because it is a worldwide pandemic… let’s have the FDA say OK… And get it to every intensivist from coast to coast and start curing patients, and calm down the fear.” Dr. Faulkner said in an in-aired portion of our interview.

Cord for Life, a cord blood bank, has already pledged $600,000 of product if treatment is approved.

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