Local Group Asking Voters to Say Yes to Ballot Measure 7A

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Palisade, Colo. — The lives of more than 40 Million people across 7 states and 2 countries depends on the Colorado River. But rising temperatures, long term droughts, and a growing population is threatening this precious resource.

That’s why The Colorado River District is asking folks to vote “Yes” on 7A, a question that will be on ballots in 15 Colorado counties this November. Voting “Yes” to 7A is saying “Yes” to raising taxes to support the Colorado River District. It would cost homeowners just under 2 dollars to $100,000 market value. This increase would raise almost $5 million per year, To benefit the river.

“If we don’t stand up and protect our water, it will be taken from us and agriculture will be gone,” says Carlyle Currier, a local rancher.

“There’s a lot of ballot measures this year, but the absolutely most important one for Western Colorado and our way of life is 7A,” says Kathy Hall from the Friends of the Colorado River District.

Representatives of the Colorado River District say because the quality of water affects everyone’s quality of life, protecting the Colorado River isn’t a partisan issue.

If the measure passes, the tax dollars would go to help fight to keep water on the Western Slope, protect sustainable drinking water sources, and maintain water levels and quality.

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