Local healthcare workers’ protest against COVID vaccine mandate continues

Local News

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- The protest continues after the Colorado Board of Health approved the governor’s request to make the vaccine mandatory for staffers at hospitals and other health facilities. Healthcare workers have until late October to be fully vaccinated, or risk losing their jobs.

Some of the participants working the intersection say they’re willing to stand for what they believe in, even if it means stepping down.

“It’s possible, if they stick to their guns, that I’ll have to find another job, find somebody that supports us,” St. Mary’s Hospital Nurse Kaylin Schultz, “The thing is they care about people but they truly not caring about people if they’re willing to have such understaffing.”

“It shouldn’t be forced we have other options to fight this coronavirus and vaccination is not the only way and it should not be forced on the general public.” Physical Therapy Assistant Neal Schultz explains, “That’s all what we’re standing for. Anybody who can stand behind that defensive just basic freedoms welcome to join.”

The employees say they want a COVID vaccination to be their choice, not a boss’ command. The assemblies at all four corners of the intersection are scheduled to occur all week.

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