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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Virtual fun is all real at the V.R. Arcade. Two gamers started this idea in November, wanting to bring more entertainment to the valley.

From their building team, its space brings an altered reality, providing a complete virtual experience. They are proud of the connections made so far, seeing people get into it.

“Their reactions when they put their headsets on when they use it says a lot about how much enjoyment that they have,” Jose Zamudio expresses, “but it’s also cool seeing other people they come with, family and friends, that are not participating how they see their reaction when they have it on. That, then in turn, makes them want join in the fun as well.”

While applying CDC guidelines, the fun never levels down. The arcade received its Variance Star in a short amount of time for the prioritized cleaning to providing barriers for safety and social distance.

“So if you’ve never tried V.R. before, you can power up for a test drive at just 10 dollars,” Cora Dickey informs.

All first-timers get tutorials to get acquainted with the equipment. In a few short months, people have gotten a reality check on what the arcade can offer.

Tyson Weiss got into it after watching his son, now they make it visits regularly.

“We came here the first time and fell in love with it,” Tyson Weiss shares, “To be able to go into a different world and play games, and it’s not just games, you get an exercise out of it as well just being able to try different things. For myself, standing on a lake in the town fishing made it a great deal.”

If you’re ready to goggle in, sessions can be booked for the arcade or set for your home on their website.

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