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Local Schools Recognize National School Counseling Week

A group of dedicated individuals guiding many children through some of the most important years of their lives, while also helping them secure their futures are being celebrated this week.
School counselors in the Grand Valley and across many parts of the world are being honored as part of National School Counseling Week.

These counselors spend a huge amount of time with students, teaching them skills to last a lifetime and despite their sometimes large rosters, they make sure to see every child who walks through their doors.

For elementary students, counselors are sometimes their first teachers.
"During these elementary years students are already starting to form opinions about what they can and cant do, and they're already developing their view points on how they feel about school, so anything that I can do to help make that be a positive growth mindset," said Allysone Moore, school counselor at Chipeta Elementary School.
For high school students the counseling office tends to be a safe space.
"For a lot of high school students transportation is an issue, so a lot of them have a hard time getting out and going to the community resource, and  if we can help and do triage and support them here and answer questions about classes and college, I think that's huge," said Tanya Pearce, school counselor at Fruita Monument High School.
National School Counseling Week is always celebrated the first full week in February. This years theme is "School Counselors: Providing Lessons for Life."
For more information to help promote this special week visit National School Counseling Week.

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