Local Spanish Music Video Shines a Light on Day of the Dead

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Spanish musician and Grand Junction resident Elisa Murillo released a special music video in honor of Dia de Los Muertos, which translates to Day of the Dead.

A Fall tradition that is widely celebrated in Mexico and the United States, Dia de Los Muertos honors the dead with lively celebrations and festivals. Family members celebrate the lives of the deceased with activities that the dead enjoyed throughout their life. According to lore, the dead are awakened from their eternal sleep to share in the celebration. The music is meant to bring joy to the spirits.

Elisa Murillo, a vocalist and Mexican folk dance performer, performs a modern rendition of the popular Mexican folk song La Llorona in the video. La Llorona (“la yourowna”) is based on the myth of the Wailing Woman, who is both a frightening ghost and a sympathetic figure in Mexican culture. The Llorona’s story is an allegory for the tensions in Mexican history between pre-colonial indigenous culture and the European culture violently imposed by the Spanish conquest.

Elisa said: “Dia de Los Muertos has been a treasured holiday for Mexican Americans, linking modern families with traditions older than Aztec culture. Thanks to films like Disney’s Coco, many Americans are now aware of the significance of this unique holiday. We wanted to celebrate this time of year by shining a light on another famous Mexican story – the story of La Llorona – and to show that you can make a beautiful music video right here in Mesa County.”

The video features a variety of traditional Day of the Dead makeup styles, alongside several kinds of Mexican traditional dress. Local videographer Joel Dyar and local studio producer Taylor Riley worked with Elisa to produce the video entirely in Mesa County.

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