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eBricks Store Wins 8 Million Legos

For all of you LEGO fanatics -- if you're looking for some special replacement parts to add to your collection, well, look no further.
The eBricks store right on Main Street here in Grand Junction participated in an auction, and as a result -- won 8 million LEGO replacement parts.
Employees said it took them 7 hours to load all of the precious cargo, along with a 24 hour drive from Kentucky over the course of three days.
Rachel Dickes was one of the employees who embarked on this journey. A LEGO fanatic herself, she said she hopes this new addition of parts will help their store become the largest in the nation.
"We get a lot of tourists. I didn't realize how big of a tourist spot Grand Junction really is, but they all stop in the LEGO store and ask questions and look at the big castle in the front window. It's a lot of fun," said Rachel Dickes, Employee at eBricks
The new collection will give eBricks somewhere between 13 to 14 million replacement parts.
Dickes said it will take them some time to unload everything, but that they'll soon be available online for anyone to purchase.

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