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There was a big announcement today from School District 51 superintendent Dr. Diana Sirko. “We heard today that two of our students received a Daniels scholarship and that is a full ride scholarship to any school or university in the United States.”

Brody Martin from Fruita Monument and Kylie Babeon of Palisade High School are the lucky recipients. What’s it like to learn you and your family don’t have to worry about paying for four years of college? We asked Kylie. “I still don’t think I’ve truly wrapped my head around it. I know like, you know everybody in America struggles to go to college, so I think just knowing that everything’s paid for is just a huge, huge relief.”

It isn’t easy to become a Daniels Scholar. Thousands of students from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah apply and only 212 are selected. Kylie’s parents are quick to point out that she’s a hard worker and has spent years volunteering at local hospice care. The first thing Kylie thought of when she was selected? “The people who, you know, got me here. So my student council advisor at palisade Mr. Carlo, my counselor, you know, she was the biggest pusher for me and obviously my family, I mean, I wouldn’t be here today without them.”

Dr. Sirko is happy to reflect on the positive news, “It reminds us there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, that kids will go on to college, kids will go on to careers.”

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