Local Tow Company Warns on Tire Safety

Local News

According to Colorado State Patrol, a string of accidents over the weekend involving troopers were caused by drivers and their lack of road safety, one of those accidents were caused by a driver with balding tires.

Paul Murphy, recovery specialist for Dan’s Towing, says tire care should be priority for all drivers when hopping on the road.

“That’s the only thing keeping you connected to the road, if your tires are old, worn out or flat, they don’t do you any good,” said Murphy.

He says there are many things to check for to make sure your tires are safe to use, including checking air pressure and tire tread.

“Take a quarter, stick it head first into your tire, if the top of the head is below your tread then you’re good, if you can see the top of the head on the quarter then you should think about getting your tires checked out and possibly replaced,” said Murphy.

While it’s not just about the condition of the road and your tires , CSP reminds you to not forget about the safety of first responders.

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