Local woman hand makes pillows for GJ bus travelers on Christmas Eve, 16 years strong!

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — One Grand Junction woman is making sure travelers are cozy while getting from point A to point B on Christmas Eve.

From one of a kind pillowcases she makes by hand, to snacks and cold weather clothes– Terry Mercer is bringing the holiday spirit to Grand Junction Bus travelers.

Terry has been doing this every Christmas Eve for 16 years.

I just was led to do this one year when my daughter was travalling to Kansas and I made her take her pillow… and everyone on the bus wanted it!

Terry Mercer

This year, Terry made 75 pillowcases total. Each pillow takes about 30 minutes to create.

I just get the fabric and start sewing pillow cases. Jesus’s name goes on every pillow cases before they go out… thats our mission– just to plant the little seed.

Terry Mercer

She takes her little bit of money that she has and she saves it up… she does this for Jesus for his birthday.

Wilda “Billee” Pond, Terry’s friend

This year, one of Terry’s friends donated all the pillows. Usually, Terry does this entirely on her own dime.

If you would like to donate to Terry or learn more about what she does, email her at tmercer1948@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays!

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