At just 18 years old Jordanne Menzies fell asleep at the wheel, and woke up in the hospital paralyzed from the shoulders down.

For the last 13 years she has been wheelchair bound needing assistance with most all daily activities.

While the accident significantly changed her life, Menzies remains positive showing support for various organizations within the Grand Valley.
Recently she traveled to Denver and participated in Ms Wheelchair Colorado, an event that gives woman the chance to showoff their personality, and share topics they believe are important.

“My platform was on helping people with disabilities especially focusing on public schools” said Menzies.
Competing against three other woman Menzies won the competition and was crowned Ms Wheelchair Colorado.
With her new platform she said she hopes to have a wheelchair built at Central High School, as well as speak to kids on the importance of accepting others.“I want to speak at some schools and talk about bullying in the valley because it is really bad.”
In just a few short months Menzies plans to travel to Pennsylvania to compete in Ms Wheelchair America.
In order to attend the event she is in need of sponsors so If you would like to support her journey to the event you can message her on her Facebook.