GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Triple Play Records spins on the power of music. The store is packed solid with vinyl records and CDs featuring hits from multiple genres.

In a day of digital streams, employees notice that a high appreciation remains for hard copies.

“Being able to listen to a record or a physical media CD rather than a download is important to our culture and to the community as well,” Matthew Cesario shares, “We’re able to give back to the community and we’ve done in many ways over the years.”

Adapting to all styles, Triple Play can convert vinyl records and cassettes to CDs or MP3s for personal devices.

“At Triple Play Records, they encourage you to listen to a classic disc then go out and toss one,” Cora Dickey says.

Triple Play has several tracks within its business, offering the largest collection of frisbees for a popular sport in the Western Slope: Disc Golf.

The Disc Golf program is an incentive for shoppers to keep disc golf parks clean, offering a two-dollar store credit for each lost frisbee. What started with a couple of discs continues to grow to thousands, in and out of the store.

To Triple Play, earning money from the program doesn’t mean much compared to what’s done with it..

“We donated to four different charities, over a thousand dollars worth, and then we recently donated money to the Mesa Theater as well that came from that program along with the putting league,” Matthew Cesario entails.

If you want to get your hands on a classic hit or tap into a different genre, the doors are open every day of the week.