Localrado: Thriving In A Pandemic

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You won’t get away Scot-free at Taylor’s Croft. After five years working online, Sharon Taylor was ready to open the doors of a new business not only to share the patriotism she identifies within her homeland, but to honor the legacy of her uncle.

“As soon as he passed away, I decided that i wanted to have that connection,” Sharon Taylor shares, “I wanted to have this dream come true for our whole family.”

In the shop, you don’t need a passport to get authentic products made in Scotland, Ireland, and England.

“When a local business takes you to a whole new world, you know it’s the cutting edge,” Cora Dickey phrases.

Here’s a subject they don’t teach in school: Axeology. Owner Travis Ridley found a setup for his business amid the pandemic.

He wanted to start a place his kids and everyone else could enjoy. Axe throwing, he decided, is just what the Grand Valley needed.

“I was just hooked,” Travis Ridley expresses, “It was fun, it was satisfying, it was very cathartic. It was the way that you throw an axe and it sinks in the wood, it was just releasing. It was having a good time.”

Including an arcade atmosphere gave his space a game for everyone from basketball to air hockey. If you don’t know how to throw, demo lessons are free for all first-timers.

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