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Locals Weigh In On Bike Lanes

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - It's Grand Valley Bike Month and while people may be enjoying using their bikes to get around many are concerned about whether or not there's enough bike lanes in town and if biking in the valley is safe.

Just this week, a bicyclist was killed in a crash with a car at 1st and north. Bikers like Jacob Thaden,  who has been biking for ten years, has seen the danger first hand.

He said, "Those moments where you've got to question whether or not they've seen you --whether they're coming in or going out of the intersection."

He is one of many cyclists who think more bike lanes should be added in the Grand Valley.

"I always take Grant [Ave] to get to work [be]cause it's the only area or road with a bike lane. I think it's definitely helpful at night," said Haley Fitzgerald, a regular cyclist.

She said she has not had her fair share on the roads when cycling through town.

"[It] happens a lot of the times when I come to a stop sign. I'll come and stop and I'll wait for a car to go and I'll go and they won't wait. They'll just keep going."

She like others believe drivers being more bike aware would help with less collisions taking place.

"I feel like a lot of people that are driving and they don't think twice about a bicycle rider next to them or really being aware," said Grand Junction resident Robbe Newman.

It's all about being aware that a cyclist should follow the same rights and duties as a driver said Thaden --"The main thing I'd say is when you're on a bike, you're a car. We're all having to do the same rules."

State Representative Ray Scott told KREX5 News he plans to work with law enforcement later this summer to bring more awareness and knowledge for drivers and cyclists about the Colorado bike laws.

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