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Loma Elementary Moves to Full Day Kindergarten

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The school day for a few Loma students, recently got a lot longer, but for kids and teachers, it's actually a good thing. The 52 kindergarten students at Loma elementary are now able to stay at school for the entire day. Previously, they either learned during the morning or afternoon hours, but thanks to recent funding, and the hiring of an additional teacher, students are now able to double their class time. 

Today is the very first day that some little scholars can learn and play all day. Loma elementary is making the switch from half day Kindergarten to full day, thanks to funding from the "Reading to Enhance Academic Development" or "READ" act. It's something that principal Hofer has been planning for quite a while. 

Previously, Loma was one of only three schools in the district who didn't have the option of a full day class. More students enrolled than was anticipated, and the school was in desperate need ot another set of hands. But thanks to the hiring of an additional teacher, Loma can now allow all 52 of its kindergarteners to study from morning to afternoon.

Teachers say that the switch will allow them more time to get into detail with the students, and to fit more learning into the academic day. In order to guarantee all kindergarten students can learn for a whole day, District 51 is gathering an "All Day Kindergarten Steering Committee" to research ways to make that happen. 

The district hopes that soon, every one of its schools will be able to offer full day kindergarten classes, which are better for the students, their families, and their teachers. 

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