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Loma Elementary Students Donate Nearly 12,600 Items of Food

Ensuring Families in the Area Won't Go Without a Holiday Meal

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Students at Loma Elementary are giving back to the community by donating nearly 12,600 to Agape Food Bank.

Collection for this hefty donation started earlier in the month and the original goal was 6,000 cans of food.

The students, faculty, and parents took this as a challenge and then went on to double their original goal!

The faculty believes teaching students at a young age about the importance of helping those in need makes a stronger community, and also educates them on the needs families have during the holiday season.

"I think the biggest takeaway is them knowing that they've helped fellow classmates, families possibly, maybe they've helped their neighbors", says Margaret Hofer the Principal of Loma Elementary.

The variety of items being donated to the food bank include mashed potatoes, green & pinto beans, sweet corn, different types of snacks, hot chocolate, plus much more.

Students say they're happy to participate in this donation, knowing it may mean someone locally will be able to enjoy a holiday dinner.

They also mention that they hope to beat their record next year.

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