GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — “The new car inventory has been a struggle. I think that a lot of customers are looking towards preowned inventory versus, just because the availability of new cars is lacking right now,” says Zach Hansen, General Sales Manager at Modern Classic Motors.

If you’ve driven past any of the dealerships in town recently, you might have noticed more than a few empty spaces. This is presenting a new problem for new car buyers, less inventory to choose from.

Experts say this stems from a global shortage of microchips, a key part to get the engine going.

Even though COVID-19 kept a lot of us close to home, one pre-owned dealer in town believes people are still interested in purchasing a new set of wheels.

Hansen also says, “I’d say in general, everybody is still in need of transportation and vehicles.  In fact. I kind of feel that with being couped up and stuff like that, people wanted to spend a little bit of money and get a new car, kind of makes you feel good sometimes.” At Modern Classic Motors, satisfactory sales have led to the addition of a new service department.

Hansen added, “business does just increasingly grow year over year, we’ve been growing steadily. We built a brand-new service department across the street.”

As competition remains stiff on the Western Slope, Hansen says the next time you’re in the market for a new car, consider handing your old automobile off to the dealership to keep the vehicle and its value, local.