Lucky Penny Day

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This saying, see a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck makes a lot of cents (sense) today because you can donate your pennies to a good cause.

Christopher Pentico, otherwise known as, The Lucky Penny Guy, says, “The power of the penny is just incredible. You start putting a whole bunch of them together and they make dollars. Dollars bring the research and research brings the cure. You gotta start somewhere.”

And what better place to start than a bank, what better time to start than now, and what better cause than a cure?

Pentico says, “We don’t even get 50 bucks from the government for research for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and yet it’s the most painful condition known to man, and we get no money for it, zero.”

It’s National Lucky Penny Day but it’s been an unlucky day due to bad weather but, don’t let that stop you from donating your pennies to a good cause.

Banker, Austin Smith, says, “What you can also do is if you come up to the teller line and cash your check and it’s not an even dollar amount, we’ll have this bucket out on the teller line. If you just wanna drop your change in, that’s a great way to support a great cause.”

Have you made a donation yet?

Smith retorts, “I have not, not yet but I’ll make one right now.”

So, what’s the luckiest side of the coin? Heads or tails?

Banker, Gabe Teats, answers, “I like heads of course, cause it’s lucky. That’s what everybody says but if you see it tails you can flip it over to heads for the next person. Also, if it’s on tails you can pick it up but put it in the opposite pocket that you picked it up with.”

104 billion pennies are in jars throughout the United States. 20 million dollars worth of pennies end up in landfills. Eight million dollars worth of pennies are laying on the ground, and Americans throw out 17 thousand dollars worth of pennies everyday. Imagine what the power of the penny can accomplish!

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