Mack Mesa Reservoir set to be refilled

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LOMA, Colo. —What once was an open space of flowing water is now closed, dry, and empty. As predators, northern pike are aggressive fish that cannot be managed in Mack Mesa Lake.

Other fish, such as bass, trout and catfish, are in the main lake to stay in a natural habitat. While staff has seen an uptick in visitors after the lake’s draining, some are ready to be back where the focus is just fishing.

“The simple fact is that whenever you got the big boaters out here on the lake, especially those who don’t abide by the lake rules,” Michael Jordan believes, “They create a very huge problem for shoreline fishers as well; because you know, of course, everybody wants to have a good time but at the same time you got to respect those that are on the ground.”

Mack Mesa Lake has, reportedly, not been empty since the 1950’s. Draining the lake was a last resort to ensure all northern pikes are removed. Weeks after pulling fish out, a plan to bring the water back is ready for action.

“We will begin refilling Mack Mesa beginning on Monday and we anticipate it will take a few weeks;” Ashlee Wallace informs, “but in that time will be working on habitat structures and just working on the overall fishery so that, when we do start restocking that, it’s a great fishery once again.”

The lake will start refilling Monday, May 17. A few weeks are expected for the water level to return back to normal, but a time will be set for open fishing again.

Trails in the Mack Mesa area are still open for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. The public is still welcomed out to Highline Lake State Park as staff gets things flowing again in Mack Mesa Lake.

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