Making Music Meaningful at Central High School

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Music can be an emotional release for many people, and an important outlet for high school students. The Band Director at Central High School, Hans Snell, said he hopes to give every student a space to express themselves through music, which is why he is KREX 5 News’ Golden Apple Award winner for February. 

Sirah Bond is a junior who plays the trombone and baritone in Snell’s band class. “I have learned so much from Mr. Snell, like before, I could barely sight-read, no idea how music worked, but now like I’m taking a music theory class and I can understand what’s going on more. It’s going to make me a better musician later,” said Bond. 

Snell started playing piano at only four years old, and his musical career grew from there. “One of my main goals as a band director is to provide that same amazing musical experience that band directors in my life have provided for me,” said Snell. 

Snell said music is a way for students to relieve stress. “Music provides students an opportunity to express themselves in a way that no other art really can,” said Snell. 

Bond said Snell’s dedication to his students is unique. “He’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, like not only is he good at teaching, but also he cares about you as an individual person, and not a lot of teachers can do both,” said Bond. 

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