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Man Thanks Crew That Saved His Life

Survivor And Rescuers Reunite

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - "A year ago was the accident so i thought it would be a perfect day to thank everybody."

The accident Rob Schroten is referring to? The then truck driver, was prepairing to unload heavy pipes to the flat top area above Parachute. No one was with Schroten at the time, but it's
suspected high winds (up to 40- mile- an- hour gusts that day) toppled more than a thousand lbs. of load on top of him. Co-workers found him, called 911, and moments later CareFlight was dispatched...

He was non-responsive, barley breating, oxygen levels were very low.

And suffering internal bleeding, a ruptured spleen, and a major head injury.

"I don't remember anything."

The CareFlight crew was able to intubate and resuscitate Schroten on the way to Saint Mary's ER... Where ultimatley his life was saved.

"They did an amazing job. i'm really greatful, they saved my life."

Tuesday, Schroten got his chance to say thank you to the crew that rescued him.

He also got a VIP tour of the hospital and hangar, where crews began their flight to save his life.

Rescuers say,"It was almost tear inducing, it was one of those moments where you get to meet someone and his life gets to continue because of the position we were put in."

The position to save a life, no one else could.

"Is it fair to say you being here today is a miracle?" I asked Schroten...

"Yeah it really is."

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